Secret Menu for Starbucks - Coffee Tea Recipes App Reviews

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Great app, hope too see more in the future

This app has always been good to me when I go to Starbucks and I look forward to more drinks


Had all the drinks I love and many more that made me want to try more.


Wonderful app! Ive tried so many different flavors I didnt know existed! Especially looking forward to now having the Pink Drink!! Sounds so good!


Love all the different types of drinks. The more reasons why I go to Starbucks more. Cant wait to try the new Pink Drink.

Why the annoyance?

The app and menus are ok, but why are there these annoying pop-up messages, upon opening the app, for posting on Instagram, etc.? Youre in line wanting to show the barista the recipe, and these annoying pop-ups slow the process down, and this on a paid app... Please change this. Thank you.


I love this app. Its really helpful for me. A lot of new type of drink and I cant wait to try it. Thanks a lots.

Love it!!!❤️

Ive tried so many amazing tasting drinks Id never get to try if I didnt get this app! I havent had one disappointment with it.


I dont review much but I HAD to rate this I have a had a few drinks and Ive been very satisfied. I have had to change the order a few times cause they didnt have something but my gosh this is good.

Love it

It helps so much and when Im bored I can just go into it and it does not need wifi to work love it

Love it

I cant wait to try all these many flavors. Very interesting and full of new recipes to try. :)


This is an amazing app I never knew there were so many amazing drinks!


Must try: Butterbeer! My personal favorite!


Not as good or original as I had anticipated. There are some good recipes. A lot of which I already knew. Its ok.

Expexting for more secret menu!!!

This is one amazing app.


Some good recipes but advertised as hundreds of recipes on the info on the App Store page yet I only see 85 recipes, not totally worth the money and not that satisfied with it.


The best app ever! The recipes are great

This is soooo awesomeee!!


This app is so helpful! There are so many choices of drinks its the best! Keep adding drinks!!!

Secret menu

I absolutely love this app. It has so many things on it. Its just so awesome. 5 ⭐️

Drink sizes please

A majority of the recipes do not say what size drink the recipe was intended for. This would be a very handy feature to ensure were all on the same page.

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