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I love me some Starbucks! Great store here in Dinkytown, Minneapolis

I love me some Starbucks! Great store here in Dinkytown, Minneapolis

Great if you like Frappuccinos

I’d say 98% of the recipes are for frappuccinos. Of the few non-frapp recipes they have, most are either hot chocolate or seasonal. If you are trying to come up with a new drink to order that also isn’t a Frappuccino, keep on walking, this is not the app for you.


Great app


It's got its problems but nothing I can't manage

Great app!

I live for this app and use it ALL the time. It is so helpful and is so simple! I recommend to all

Great way to order new drinks

Loved it 😊👍

Worthless--TOO MANY ADS

Re-downloaded this app after a long absence. It took me 4 times opening and closing the app before I even got to see the ingredients in one drink--SO many game ads come up you can't get out of except to swipe up and close the app. Can't even LOOK at a SINGLE drink! TOO MANY ADS! After 7 tries to look up a drink, goodBYE!

I love it

I never knew a lot of these even existed

No problem

I love this app. It has really been helpful. I have even used it to show how to make a drink and the employee's like it too!!!

Not working anymore

It was working just fine, but I updated it, and now it won't let me enter for the gift card when I was able to before

Starbucks Secret Recipe

Love this app so much. It's liking reading someone's Diary. My son N law loved it too. When he saw it he had to have it. Starbucks is already great this app just made it better.

Read this if you're unsure to get this app

I just bought this app and I was thinking, will it be a rip off? And it wasn't! I think if you love Starbucks this version is better than the free version.


Works great but I'm still not sure what the extra 3$ was for?

Love it!

Love all the ways I can drink!

Love it!

Love this app. Looking forward to more flavors!

i LOVE this app!

I love this app because it makes me feel so creative when i order. All of the recipes are so fun and delicious.

Awesome App!👍👌😎

👍 app. It has a lot of different variations of the type of drink your looking for. This app really stands out from the rest and I will definitely recommend this to anyone.

Awesome app

Great app with all the fantastic secret drinks. Any Starbucks lover will go crazy for this app.

Great app

Love how many different drinks you can come up with.

Really really nice

This app is really nice. It has everything u would need. The name, the recipe.. You can usually tell by the name what type of drink it is. If ur considering getting this one, get it, it's AWESOME. I live Starbucks

love the app

my life is Starbucks. I love this app. it is very useful!!!

Star struck

I love this app and all the drinks on it!!! Wish there were more like it...

Great recipes

Looking forward to ordering several. Got many favorites checked off. Good at home recipes too for the creative do it yourself baristas :-) I did pay for the upgrade. There are a few extras and no ads.

Easy to use - Love it

Love this app!! Easy to use and I love that you can make favorites.


I love this app so much it's so amazing

Love it

It helps so much and when I'm bored I can just go into it and it does not need wifi to work love it 😘👌🏽


I don't review much but I HAD to rate this I have a had a few drinks and I've been very satisfied. I have had to change the order a few times cause they didn't have something but my gosh this is good.

Love it!!!❤️

I've tried so many amazing tasting drinks I'd never get to try if I didn't get this app! I haven't had one disappointment with it.


I love this app. It's really helpful for me. A lot of new type of drink and I can't wait to try it. Thanks a lots.

Why the annoyance?

The app and menus are ok, but why are there these annoying pop-up messages, upon opening the app, for posting on Instagram, etc.? You're in line wanting to show the barista the recipe, and these annoying pop-ups slow the process down, and this on a paid app... Please change this. Thank you.

Wow 😮

Love all the different types of drinks. The more reasons why I go to Starbucks more. Can't wait to try the new Pink Drink. 😊


Wonderful app! I've tried so many different flavors I didn't know existed! Especially looking forward to now having the Pink Drink!! Sounds so good!


Had all the drinks I love and many more that made me want to try more.

Great app, hope too see more in the future

This app has always been good to me when I go to Starbucks and I look forward to more drinks

Good app


Doesn't have all the recipes

I got this app because I love Starbucks secret menu, but I noticed the app doesn't have all the drinks like the Starbucks secret menu site does, I'll still use this app but for certain drinks that I'll get again I'll go to the site not the app.

Love My Starbucks

Love it ,,

Love it!!

It's fun to check out the secrets!

the best app STARBUCKS

this app is great just BUY IT NOW

Supper cool

Great app I had no idea there are so many drinks

Starbucks app

This is an amazing app

love the app❣

This app is amazing. I love that it tells you how to make it. I'm only 11 but love Starbucks. The secret menu is amazing❣ 💜


I love this app! Every Saturday and Wednesday I go and order something different every time!

Best app ever!!!

I love this app!!! It is so nice to have every secret menu drink at my finger tips!!! It even tells you how to order it!!!

Great App

I love this app. It is so cool to get lattes that taste like snicker bars and snicker doodles. My niece, who is 10 years old are addicted to this app (of course I monitor what she gets because she doesn't need double shots of espresso). Our Saturday car rides to Starbucks is more fun because we have fun deciding what we are going to get.

Great app

I have tried almost all of the drinks they are so good!😍😍😋😋


This is the best!!!🍎💞👄😍🍎😍🍎😍


My son wants to order off the secret menu every time we go.... Love it!

THE BEST🍪☕️☕️☕️

This is so amassing that we can new see what the secret menu is!I love Starbucks!But I don't drink that much coffee.but the menu is mostly coffee but this app show more drinks.And there is funny ones like the Bruce lee and the Ariana Grande Frap,Keep up the good work!! .🍪🍫🍩☕️☕️☕️☕️


I don't like how a lot of the drinks aren't new or different.

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